What is $BEP40 Cronos CRC20 Token?

The $BEP40 (CRC20) is our Ecosystem Utility Token. This token is not mineable, and all tokens are pre-minted. However, it has been designed to support our BEP40.COM Ecosystem and become the exchangeable currency for your daily-world purchases.


Maximum Total Supply: 500,000,000,000,000 (check)

Burn: 53.4% of $BEP40 (CRC20) burned until now 🔥 (check)

Contract Address: 0xA05d10989c654B4aD5B9bd705b34b63758349d12 ✅

Cronoscan: https://cronoscan.com/token/0xa05d10989c654b4ad5b9bd705b34b63758349d12

How can I buy $BEP40 (CRC20)?

Currently, you can buy $BEP40 (CRC20) from CronaSwap using this link or manually enter the contract address mentioned above.

CronaSwap: https://app.cronaswap.org/swap?outputCurrency=0xA05d10989c654B4aD5B9bd705b34b63758349d12

Please be vigilant, there are many scammers out there so make sure you use the correct/verified address.

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