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What is $BEP40 Polygon ERC20 Token?

The $BEP40 (ERC20) is our Ecosystem Utility Token. This token is not mineable, and all tokens are pre-minted. However, it has been designed to support our BEP40.COM Ecosystem and become the exchangeable currency for your daily-world purchases.


Maximum Total Supply: 5,000,000 (check)​
Burn: 0% of $BEP40 (ERC20) burned until now 🔥
Contract Address: 0xb8ac2A26798394bE8f83E862EE4a75617223801F ✅

How can I buy $BEP40 (ERC20)?

Currently, you can buy $BEP40 (ERC20) from QuickSwap using this link or manually enter the contract address mentioned above.
Please be vigilant, there are many scammers out there so make sure you use the correct/verified address.